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10 Social Bookmarking Sites for Web Designers and Developers

10 Social Bookmarking Sites for Web Designers – Social bookmarking is one of a great way to you where you can easily share your interest, organize for bookmarks of resources online. so several people have created sites to help bloggers and niche communities by creating social booking sites. The positive side of social bookmarking site is that these are niche source of driven quality traffic and get valuable backlinks. Here we are with Social Bookmarking Sites for Designers and Developers who always looking for interesting design news and resources.

1. BizSugar

BizSugar is a social bookmarking site that was designed to make it easier to learn more about business. This site shares links to articles that cover topics in new business strategies, tactics, and news. If you are new to online business or even a small business owner, this site will help you find your way through building a successful business.

 2. Blog Engage

This site is what got me inspired to blog about new media, and I have met a lot of great bloggers such as Hesham and many others. This site brings me a lot of good traffic, but you have to spend a lot time voting and commenting on blogs that are part of the community.

 3. Blog Interact

Blog Interact was established for a few purposes. It allows for bloggers, writers, photo and video journalists, and those that are simply interested in various blog and multi-media topics to come together, submit their favorite story, photos, videos, and more.

 4. DesignBump

This is a quality design bookmarking website. We submit all our blog articles to DesignBump and It has a great community!

 5. Design Float

Out of all the social bookmarking sites for designers, Design Float is one of my favorite sites. It doesn’t get as much traffic as The Web Blend gets, but I get a lot of traffic from Design Float. In fact, out of all of the social bookmarking sites I submit to, Design Float gives me the most referral traffic.

 6. DesignGizer

DesignGizer is a social bookmarking site that caters to the design community. It’s a new site, but it gets a fair amount of traffic, and the site is growing daily. So, if you are designer, check it out and start submitting your articles today.

 7. DesignShovel

Design Shovel is a place to find the latest web design/development, digital art, traditional art and graphic design articles published online.

8. FaqQal

FAQPal is a repository of tutorials that are aimed at programmers, web developers and any person who is interested in the World Wide Web in any way

 9. WPhits

WPhits is a new WordPress only social bookmarking site that recently went live and was created by Omer of WebTechWise. This bookmarking site was built on WordPress and not on the standard social bookmarking Pligg CMS module.

 10. Zabox

zaBox is a design related social bookmarking website, focused on offering users design news, tutorials and resources in a spam-free environment.

but if you know of any others social bookmarking sites , then I would love to hear them.

10 Social Bookmarking Sites for Web Designers

10 Social Bookmarking Sites for Web Designers and Developers

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