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30 Best Websites for Learning HTML5 Design

30 Best Websites for Learning HTML5 Design – HTML5 is currently being developed as the next major revision of HTML and it is still far away from W3C recommended release date (year 2022 or later). However with the release of Apple iPad, the topic is got extremely heated and almost every web designer are talking/reading/writing/blogging/twitting about it.

Moreover, many early adapters (web developers and geeks) started creating some cool stuffs wtih the cleaner HTML5/CSS3 codes. In case you wanted to be one of them but don’t know where to start, here are list of useful HTML5 tutorials to get you started. I

and, naturally, there have been many tools developed to help designers and developers get the best out of this technology. So what tools are out there that can help with design in our modern era? Here is a round-up of top HTML5 tools.

30 Best Websites for Learning HTML5 Design

1. HTML5 Specification at W3

W3 HTML Logos Naturally, the HTML5 specification from W3 is the first resource anyone serious about learning HTML5 should consult. This version of the specification introduces new features to help Web application authors and new elements, based on research into prevailing authoring practices. Also, special attention has been given to defining clear conformance criteria for user agents in an effort to improve interoperability. Read the W3 HTML5 specification.

2. HTML5 markup language.

This document describes the HTML markup language and provides details necessary for producers of HTML content to create documents that conform to the language. By design, it does not define related APIs, nor attempt to specify how consumers of HTML content are meant to process documents, nor attempt to be a tutorial or “how to” authoring guide.

3. HTML5 Reference: A Web Developer’s Guide to HTML 5

This document provides a comprehensive rundown of the various commands to use when building HTML5 pages, while giving some practical examples on how to use them.

4. HTML5 Design Principles

A must-have document that discusses new design guiding principles for development of HTML5. Discover design issues that are pertinent with HTML5.

5. HTML 5 Tag Reference

Keep plugging away with HTML5 with this handy HTML5 reference from W3Schools. Become better at web development using the HTML5 reference at W3Schools.

6. HTML 5 Reference Guide

An easy to use reference guide wherein tags are listed alphabetically that gives a quick definition and use, plus notes on the differences in HTML4 and HTML5. This guide was designed to aid HTML5 students and professionals.

7. HTML5 Cheatsheet

A handy cheat sheet that lists all available HTML5 tags and tag attributes into an easy to use format. Browse the sheet to quickly locate a particular tag and read more about it. The chart is printable for use when you are offline.

8. HTML5 with HTML5Doctor.

HTML5 doctor is a compendium of articles that cover the development and use of the HTML5 language. The site is useful in getting detailed references for HTML5, including reviews and tutorials.

9. HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 Rocks offer several tutorials for immediate hands on experience. The site has a so called “code playground” where users can experiment with the tags and view the results right away. Several web page layouts are also provided.

10. HTML5 tutorials

A collection of HTML5 resources, tutorials and tips that can provide new ideas to web programming beginners. The site connects users to other sites which will offer more detailed HTML references.

11. Ultimate Collection of HTML5 and CSS3 Resources

A good site that features a comprehensive collection of articles for learning and updating your knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. Become a god of web development by mastering HTML5 and CSS3.

12. HTML5 Samples, Tutorials and News

A site dedicated to following new resources and news about HTML5. Stay up-to-date with HTML5 news and skills at HTML5 Samples.

13. HTML5 Website Layout Tutorials and Inspiration

Read 5 more HTML5 tutorials and get inspired by 20 designs, made with HTML5. See more HTML5 tutorials and 20 designs with HTML5.

14. HTML5 and The Future of the Web

This article gives readers a basic and detailed introduction to HTML5 and its new features. Also the site explores the potential implementations and enhancements that can be seen in HTML.

15. Quick guide to HTML5

From this article, see what the new HTML code will offer. The Quick Guide to HTML5 gives you an insightful look at the capabilities of HTML5, while describing potential applications that will come out of it. The Quick Guide to HTML5 will help you to learn more about new features and advantages of HTML5.

16. Semantics in HTML 5

Semantics is probably one of the most complicated areas of HTML5 for some. With this article, developers will get to see how semantics has evolved in HTML5. There is also a quick look at solutions for some of the most common issues with regards to HTML semantics.

17. HTML5 presentation

See how HTML5 has undergone a wide array of development in last few years. This presentation takes you on a detailed tour of the development history of the new language. This will serves as a good introduction for those who are new to the language.

18. Getting started with HTML5

This article provides a quick introduction to HTML5 and its new features. A comparison with HTML4 is also shown for viewers to see the differences. A good introductory piece for those developers wishing to learn more about HTML5.

19. HTML5 Canvas – The Future of Graphics on the Web

A 40-slide video presentation that comprehensively explains everything about HTML5 canvas – from the overview of canvas up to the future of canvas.

20. W3schools HTML5 Tutorial

This online school – known for teaching the basics of HTML programming – now hosts a HTML5 tutorial for your enjoyment. Use the opportunity and start learning HTML5 now with W3Schools.

21. Build Web applications with HTML 5

This must-see site for advanced developers gives an in depth look at developing web applications while providing several examples for readers to look at and use for themselves.

22. HTML5 Unleashed: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

From this article, learn several new features of HTML5 and how they can be used to come up with great pages.

23. Coding a HTML5 & CSS3 One-Page Website Template

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating an HTML5 template.

24. Create An Elegant Website With HTML 5 And CSS3

This tutorial features a step by step guide on how HTML5 and CSS3 will help you to come up with a classy and elegant page.

25. Designing a blog with html5

A tutorial that offers a very easy to follow instructions that can aid web developers in adding more edge to their blog using HTML5.

26. HTML5 + CSS3 Layout

Start learning how to design your web pages with this easy guide. The tutorial gives you a detailed overview of the design process of making a HTML5 and CSS3 layout. It will also provide you with solutions to browser compatibility issues.

27. How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App

This exciting tutorial gives you detailed instructions on how to come up with your own HTML5 application for the iPhone. This easy to follow guide will soon be running your home brewed game on your phone.

28. Have a Field Day with HTML5 Forms

This guide will help you in creating user friendly HTML5 forms that you can incorporate to your site. Plus, there are several tips that you can use to improve your forms.

29. HTML 5 SQL Tutorial – The Basics

A quick instruction guide that enables you to incorporate SQL functionality into your pages by using HTML5. The tutorial is easy to use and can be implemented right away. Enhance your skills in HTML5 and SQL with the HTML5 SQL Tutorial.

30. Drag and drop in HTML5

This must have guide provides all the essential information that you will need in creating drag and drop events in HTML5. The tutorial also gives examples on how to do it.

30 Best Websites for Learning HTML5 Design

30 Best Websites for Learning HTML5 Design

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