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20 Must Popular Free WordPress Themes with Premium Features

Good free WordPress themes are always nice to have available. The supply of quality free WordPress themes is almost endless and more and more themes are published every day. This post includes many great Free WordPress themes that have premium features without the premium price. Many of the themes mentioned here are offered free by theme shops in hopes that you will like them and come back again.

1. Aggregator

2. Amphion Lite

3.  Blog-O-Folio

4. Boldy

5. Bueno

6. Calenotis

7. Coming Soon

8. Best Google+ WordPress Theme

9. Imbalance 2

10. Journal Crunch

11. Landis

12. Minimatica

13. Paragams

14. Photoria

15. Inuit Types Theme

16. Portfolium

17. Seven Five

18. Skeptical

19. TheProton

20. Timelaph

This article in an attempt to help you pick the right free WordPress themes fast without any need for spending money. All themes in this article are free to use and organized into categories to make it simple to scan through.

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