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35 New and Best Facebook Games

Facebook is a great social community site that caters the needs and interests of every type of people. Facebook’s biggest feature is that it has allowed third party applications and due due to this many has developed funny and cool games which we can easily play with our friends.

As Facebook adds more games to its already huge entertainment menu you may be wondering which games are the best and most fun to play.

Bingo Blitz

Bingo is everyone all time favourite game whether it’s a small party, kitty party, or any get-together we always play Bingo. It’s a best time killing game with lots of enjoyment. Buffalo studio has brought Bingo (Bingo Blitz) on social network so that even if you are alone you can play Bingo and win lots of prizes.

Slotomania – Slot Machines

Slotomania is another casino game developed by Playtika popularity of this game increasing like storm in Facebook. It’s a multi player game where you can play blackjack and other slot machine games.

Zynga Poker

Play Texas Hold’Em Poker with your Facebook pals. Sit down at a variety of high and low stakes rooms to play against strangers or play with your friends to gamble your way to the top. As an added bonus, get FREE Zynga chips every day that you play!

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

With this Facebook game, build mighty empires and form powerful armies! Become allies with your friends and defeat enemies together! Find lost artifacts and survive in nuclear Wastelands! The World is waiting for your domination – Total Domination!


Maple story – one of the newest Facebook  games is – a massive multiplayer online role-playing game that is extremely popular. By making its way onto Facebook the franchise is expanding its player base and exploring new territory.

Gods War

GodsWar Online – one of the great Facebook  games – is a 3D MMORPG based on Greek Mythology. The story traces back to the mythical age of Greece when the Gods, Human, Demigod, and Monsters existed in the same continent. In this mystic world, you may tour around all the spots described in Mythology to see the solemn Parthenon, you may feel the majesty of famed Greek cities and even access Gods’ territory, you may meet with legendary heroes: Heracles, Theseus, Easun.

Dream Planet

In Dream Planet – one of the most challenging Facebook games list item i have ever played you are tasked to build up your own floating island into a metropolis of activity. You start with a few inhabitants and some money to build your first few buildings. You can earn more money by upgrading and placing new buildings. Buildings are the lifeblood of your floating island, they provide you with coins and inhabitants.

Monster Galaxy

Inspired by monster-collection Facebook games like Pokemon or Digimon, Monster Galaxy starts you off as a trainer with one monster, called a “Moga”. Your goal is to wander the land and capture more Moga, while completing quests and leveling up. Doing so requires items, monsters’ unique powers and attributes, and help from other characters.


One of the battle oriented facebook games. Drive in your own space ship, explore the mysterious alien realms, fight against hordes of aliens, and rise to the top in the fantasy world!

Jersey Shore

Stay fresh to death as Snooki, JWoWW, DJ Pauly D, and the rest of the cast in the official Jersey Shore game! Throw down in the club, get your G.T.L on, and get friendly with other fans of the hit series.nJersey Shore on Facebook – watch the show, play the game, live the life, today!


Create and run your own city. In CityVille, you’ll start from the ground up, literally. Start your city by growing crops and supplying goods to your newest stores and eateries. Don’t forget to collect rent from your houses. Be sure to expand your businesses into friends’ cities with franchises


Come on down to the Farm today and play with your friends. We’ve got plenty of land for everyone. See what everyone is hootin’ and hollerin’ about

Gear Quest

The Entrance to the Underworld has opened. You must uncover ancient weaponry, gear and magic to fight your way to the heart of the truth. You have been Chosen.

Mafia Wars

Join your friends and more than 25 million other players in Mafia Wars, the world’s most popular crime game. Build alliances, amass property, and fight mobs of enemies in games of power and deceptio

Happy Island

Join your friends to design the coolest island ever! Play for free and create the island of your dreams!

Crime City

Rise through the ranks of the mafia and take over the city in this next gen crime game! Build up your hood, do jobs, and fight other players!

Go Fishing

Enjoy fishing in beautiful locales with your friends! Use the equipment of your choosing, select different lures and baits, catch dozens of fish, complete quests around the map and beat the records. Become a pro fisherman!

Pet Society

In the world of Pet Society, it’s non stop fun for you and your pet! You can…decorate your house and garden, share gifts and visit friends, shop for stylish clothes and furniture, go fishing, cook meals or race in the stadium, hunt for treasure and earn coins to buy your favorite things

Millionaire Boss

You’re the boss! Build the company of your dreams and start living large

Showoff Poker

Join other poker players in the most fascinating poker game online. Use your skills to win big and buy special items for your character. Don’t just play poker, Showoff Poker!

Animal Party

In one of the highest rated games on Facebook, you’ll discover hundreds of amazing animals across the galaxy and raise them on your magical garden. Along the way you’ll come across many characters who don’t always have the best intentions. What will you do? Can you collect them all?

Hero City

Build an awesome city for powerful Superheroes to come and live in! Dispatch your Heroes all around the world! New York, Washington D.C., Paris, Beijing! Fight against the evil Techneto!

Zoo World

Zoo World is an incredible game where you collect the most exotic animals and grow your zoo into a bustling attraction!

Civ World

Civ World brings the addictive, award winning gameplay experience of our world renowned Civilization franchise to Facebook, taking social network gaming to new frontiers.

War of Ninja

Join the vast world of War of Ninja and play with players around the world in a tactical turn based battle game which can be played directly from your browser via or on facebook!


A puzzle game that features colorful biotechnology. Easy mouse controls, exploding combos and beautiful animations. Challenge yourself and your friends in this exciting game.

The Sims social

The Sims social is game by EA it’s a social version of Sims Life Story  where you can create Sims and live out their dreams by loving, hating, dating, cheating and developing relation by inviting other friends of your account in game and experience real life thing in virtual way.

Empires & Allies

Empires & Allies is action adventures game developed by Zynga where player have to build their own forces and join their neighbours to defeat the Dark Alliance to secure his territory.

Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash developed by wooga. It is 60 second time limit game where player have to match all colourful gem with each other and have to find magical diamond to win the game

Country Life

Get a feel of country life with this game.

Café World

In Café World, you’re in charge of your very own restaurant. In this game you can choose from dozens of dishes to cook, then slice, chop, saute and bake your way to the top of the culinary world

Tiki Resort

Discover a Tropical Island with colorful decorations, fantastic attractions and unlimited fun!

Gardens of Time

Gardens of Time, is award winning hidden object game where you have to locate all hidden object, unravel the intrigues of secret society and have to protect world from sinners by going into the history through Time Machine. This game is developed by Playdom Company who wants to entertain each and every one with their social games

DoubleDown Casino

As name indicates DoubleDown Casino is a multiplayer casino game where you can play blackjack, roulette with other to win big game or try your luck on slots games for jackpots and became VIP there. Game is developed by DoubleDown Interactive.

Words with Friends

Do you like to play crossword? Love to learn new words? If yes, then most popular word game of iOS and android system is now on Facebook. In word for Friends game you can play word matching game in multiplayer mode with friends or with random opponent. This game is developed by Zynga and must say very good game it help you to discover new words.

This article will give separate game reviews for each of the 35 top Facebook games for 2011.

35 New and Best Facebook Games

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