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25 High Useful Photo Retouching Photoshop Actions to Create Effects

Sometimes, you want to mimic an effect applied to an image in Photoshop by other people. If a Photoshop action is available for performing such photo effect, then you can just download the Photoshop action file (ATN) and apply it to your own photograph. you also learned how the effect was done to create certain Photoshop effects, Today we bring you a collection of photoshop actions for Photo Retouching which are all free to download.

1. Action 008 by Modern Actions

 2. Action Trece

 3. Actions Clyck 003

 4. Black white sepia by Rosalind Harrison

5. 10 Colorful Actions

 6. Dazzle Effects

 7. Desolation Row Actions

 8. Enhancing Skin Color

 9. Eye Color

 10. Set 67 – field wanderer

 11. HDR Fantasticalizers

 12. HDR Tools

 13. Magical Fantasy

 14. Maldito seas Perry Action

 15. Nature Actions 2.09

 16. Photoshop Action 25

 17. Photoshop Actions 48 by Julia Starr

 18. Photoshop Photography Actions

19. Polaroid Generator

 20. Set of 9 “Retro Vintage” actions

 21. Sa Photoshop Action 2.06

 22. Sharpening Actions

 23. Vintage Effects

 24. Wedding Enhancers Kit

25. Color Correction by Kamilaah

Using Photoshop Actions also allows you to learn new Photoshop features, colouring techniques and effects for your creative projects.

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