photo retouching photoshop actions portrait photographers

35 Retouching Photoshop Actions Portrait Photographers

Sometimes, you want to mimic an effect applied to an image in Photoshop by other people. If a Photoshop action is available for performing such photo effect, then you can just download the Photoshop action file (ATN) and apply it to your own photograph. you also learned how the effect was done to create certain Photoshop effects, Today we bring you a collection of Photoshop Actions Portrait Photographers for Photo Retouching which are all free to download. Also you can look up “How to Use Photoshop Actions(more…)

learning photoshop tutorials online free

15 Websites For Learning Photoshop Tutorials Online Free

Adobe Photoshop is still the most popular and professional way to get things done that are related to photo editing. It is sometimes even used to create logos and business cards instead of Adobe photoshop. Once you learn how it works, it’s an unbelievably useful and powerful tool, but the learning curve is enormous. There are so many resources and tutorials available online that you can master the skills of Photoshop without attending any classes.

Today we are listing useful websites to Learning Photoshop Tutorials Online for free that takes off the load of huge monetary expenditure on learning Photoshop. Those sites offline courses, DVDs, books and eBooks to learn Photoshop. (more…)

free sale price tags psd template

35 Best Free Sale Price Tags PSDs for e-Commerce

Ecommerce sites are extremely popular and demand for ECommerce Web Design PSD Files is increasing tremendously among the designers and users. Apart from the brand name and good rating of the ecommerce webpage, the other majot ingredient of making an Ecommerce site popular is its easy usability.

Thus we have collected ECommerce Web Design PSD Files is Sale and Price tags, which will be of a great help for you in your upcoming projects. Adding cool price tags or badges, get attention of consumers who are looking for products and services in your site.


bold newspaper headline font free

60 Elegant Bold Newspaper Headline Font Free

Largely used in newspaper and magazine articles, headlines are also useful in many other print materials, such as flyers and posters. and important step in web designing is the selection of right fonts especially for the main headlines and titles which are the focal point of any website and mostly delivers the major messages about your website.

today we have compiled a list of 60 elegant bold free fonts for headline specially designed for big headlines and titles you can add to your growing collection. Have fun since all Newspaper Headline Font Free to download perfect for usage in posters/logotypes and headlines. (more…)

free valentine day vectors

45 Free Valentine Day Vectors Graphics Material

Valentine day is the major holiday in number of countries and is the designers busy days looking for something different greeting cards designs, red hearts illustrations, floral frames, red roses, tattoo style flowers, heart circles vector background images and Valentine design templates to make the Valentine’s day happy and express your love with unique graphics. All Free Valentine Day Vectors will be available for download. (more…)

html5 css3 contact form tutorials for beginners

30 HTML5 CSS3 Contact Form Tutorials for Beginners

Web Contact forms can be found on most website in the internet. and you’d be hard pushed to find a website these days that didn’t have a form somewhere on it. HTML5 and CSS3 forms allow for cleaner, more semantic code, and CSS3 forms allow for cleaner, code-only effects to be created. As an web designer, some of my friends were interested how to build a flexible email contact form using HTML5, CSS3 and PHP to use within their current web composite projects.

Today we have collected 30 HTML5 CSS3 Contact Form Tutorials which will show you how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to make amazingly beautiful Contact Forms for beginners will help web designer and developer to learning the knowledge of HTML5/CSS3 forms all the better and make your development life much easier. These include HTML5 & CSS3, JQuery, PHP, Ajax and responsive-ready tutorials for learning how to create flexible, cross-platform contact form. (more…)